No money for plastic surgery

Some of us desire changes that will make us feel better about ourselves both internally and externally.

Having no money for plastic surgery

Most of us are not happy with every single part of body and would make a change or an improvement if we had the financial means. Whether wanted changes are fuelled by personal desire or by the glossy photo-shopped pictures in Hello! magazine, plastic surgery and having no money to do it have always been a contentious and much-talked about subject.

plastic surgery

Looking for plastic surgery options!

However, having no money for plastic surgery may be a positive thing because it may highlight the beauty of imperfections. Ostensibly, a surgery covers an individual’s flaws and often flaws are what makes a person ‘beautiful’. Having no money for plastic surgery will make people look for other more affordable and reasonable options to maintain their appearance.

Having no money for plastic surgery and why people having no money to do it is OK!

For some of us plastic surgery may be a pipe dream because finances may be low or getting the funds required to make the desired changes may be near on impossible. Thus, it might be a trip to Boots’ or Asda’s skincare aisle they will bring some solace. Products on these shelves may bring some welcome relief for those who cannot afford the external changes they so desire and for those who have no money for plastic surgery.

Money is often the only obstacle for an individual who wants to indulge in the surgery. Some even use a bank loan or a credit card to cover the cost of a boob or a nose job. But, is plastic surgery actually such a bad option? Individuals may use it for aesthetic or superficial gain, but it is the worst thing if it makes a person happy, even if that is for a short period of time?

Other options – no money for plastic surgery

Having no money plastic surgery may be heart-breaking for some people because it may have been the only way to improve themselves. In some cases, this surgery may be needed because of injury or domestic violence, and the only way of affording it may be a bank loan or borrowing.




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