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Sugar BabySugar Baby wanted – Young, attractive, fun-loving, educated and ambitious. The typical sugar baby may sound like the ideal new girlfriend fantasy. But if you want to have a chance with a good-looking sugar baby, you better belong to the high earners.

Sugar babies are women seeking for rich older men or daddies who are happy to support them financially. While some girls primarily look for a generous sugar daddy to find their expensive lifestyle and lavish shopping tours – this is definitely not the case for every sugar baby. A lot of sugar babies who have arrangements with older sugar daddies actually pay for their tuition fees and new living expenses. While the tuition fees at the top universities rise every year, some beautiful women look for alternatives to time-consuming part-time jobs that do not even pay well.

Sugar baby wanted – the view of a sugar baby

Michelle is enrolled in a postgraduate program at a University of London college. She ays she actually met her sugar daddy at work, and it took her a while to realize she is somebody’s sugar baby. She never meets sugar babies befor or seeking for them on a free web-site.

“I worked as an event hostess a couple of nights per week to earn some extra cash and set off some of my expenses for education and rent. Obviously we were not encouraged to flirt with event guests, but one night, there was this witty, smart, dapper businessman in a clean-cut suit. I served him a drink, and he said something really funny to me, and I couldn’t help but smile. And at the end of the night, he came over to me again, gave me his name card and asked if he could buy me dinner sometime. I don’t know why, but I called. I had a great time on our first date, and somehow it became a regular thing.”

Michelle meets her sugar daddy once every few days, and they usually go for dinner, to the theater or enjoy a luxurious spa treatment. “He’s the perfect gentleman, and I think for him it’s mostly about having a good evening and relaxing after work with nice female companionship. He works a lot, and he says he does not want to bother with the thought of finding a relationship. He simply wants to enjoy himself and have fun.”

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The intimacy with sugar daddies

She admits there’s some intimacy between the two of them, but in Michelle’s opinion, a sugar baby is not an escort. According to Michelle, her sugar daddy admires her studying hard for her degree, and he knows how he can support her and make her life easier. “Honestly, who doesn’t want to meet someone who supports you in what you’re doing and wants to make sure you achieve your dreams? We like each other, and the only difference is that we keep our relationship and our private lives separate. He does not have to justify himself in front of me in terms of how he spends his weekends, and I have my freedom to hang out with my friends or even go on a normal date.”

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The sugar dating – for all women?

When some of Michelle’s friends heard about her experience as a sugar baby, a few of them were pretty skeptical, but others became intrigued and asked her how they could make an arrangement with a rich man, too. They wanted to meet or seeking for sugar daddies too and become one of the best sugar babies. The prospect of having a generous sugar daddy who pays for their rent and looks after them was simply too irresistible for some of the attractive university students.

“When they realized how easy my life had become after I met my sugar daddy, they wanted to give sugar dating a try as well and signed up on one of the online dating website for arrangements. You can even do this from home”, she adds.

Sugar baby wanted – the sugar dating site

Sugar baby wanted – The typical sugar baby free profile on a sugar dating site shows a very attractive people or a woman in her twenties, garnished with some seductive or cute pictures and a short profile text explaining what kind of sugar daddy she wants to date. Most girls look for men or sugar daddies that are able to offer them a certain monthly allowance, and unsurprisingly, there are a lot of bankers, lawyers and guys who work in finance or consulting among the male members. Being able to afford a sugar baby shows others that a man is successful and wealthy, but more so that he enjoys what he is doing and loves sharing his luxurious lifestyle with a beautiful woman.

Sugar baby wanted – Being a sugar baby is mostly about living the life

Being a sugar babyOlivia is another sugar baby who currently dates two sugar daddies she found online on a sugar dating free arrangement web-site. Here she could meet new people and finally get to know her sugar daddyies for free. “I knew I did not want to have a relationship while I was in college. All the commitments and boyfriend drama that would keep me from studying were just too intense for me. Older men are much more relaxed and easy to handle as far as I’m concerned. They have more experience, know what they want, and they are generous. For them, it’s not just about getting laid and having sex with you, they love your companionship, are interested in what you’re doing, and they can afford to take you on exciting trips.”

Before meeting her sugar daddy she was working evening shifts as a barista in a coffee shop nearby her university. “It was alright, but I always came home late, and I did not have enough time to prepare for exams. Now that I have an arrangement, my life has changed completely. I can focus on my studies, and my sugar daddy surprises me with expensive treats and spoils me when we go out together. Our dates are like a escape from all the stress and work, and I even have enough money to go shopping, indulge in nice dinners and stuff.”

The life of a sugar daddy

Her sugar daddy works in the financial sector in London, and as she explains, he barely has a minute to himself apart from work. For him, making an arrangement with a good-looking young woman who does not expect him to be there for her every single night of the week is the best thing that could have happened to him. He appreciates great company, romantic dinners and intimate moments with an intelligent and charming sugar baby, and she can afford an expensive lifestyle, enjoy shopping without having to worry about the price tag, and more. “For me, being a sugar baby is living the life. I love to feel like a spoiled princess, and my daddy knows exactly how to make me feel that way.”

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