The diary of a sugarbaby

Sugaring is an as old practice that provides mutual benefits for both parties.

Pulling off the sugarbaby role

The relationship entails a young woman, the sugarbaby, who is there to offer companionship and a sugar daddy who gives material support. In sugaring the relationship is clear-cut, and everyone knows the reason for being in it. The scope of the interactions will depend on individuals. For example, a girl may want money for college and a man may want a partner for weekend getaways. Being a sugarbaby may not come naturally to some people, so a few pointers may help girls who want to take up such roles. Understanding what works and what does’t will make life easier for everyone, and also help an aspiring sugarbaby avoid some common missteps. Pulling off the sugarbaby role

Arrangement with sugarbaby

Knowing what you are getting from a relationship will give you a path to making it happen. Say you are in grad school and need money for tuition. Your objective for being a sugarbaby may be to finish your graduate degree so that you can launch your career. The rich man you hook up with should understand this and be willing to provide it. Besides the goals, an agreement can identify other terms of the relationship like where you meet, for how long and what a typical encounter entails. Your sugar daddy may want to go on a spa treatment getaway every two weeks, and that means arranging your schedule to meet it.

Create a solid identity as a sugarbaby

Individuals respond to different sugarbaby characters, and you have to know which one works for you. When looking to meet a rich man online, it pays to have an identity that will attract the kind of person you want. Just because it’s a transactional relationship does not mean that you can’t be picky. Maybe you want to sell the sparkly and bubbly persona, the girl next door, the conservative college girl or any other. Take the time to develop your sugarbaby role and make it as enticing as possible.
Landing that big whale will not occur overnight. Don’t expect that you will join a sugarbaby network and meet the perfect gentleman. As with any other partnership, it takes some time to find someone who suits your objectives. Then there is the matter of character that makes it essential to find a sugar daddy you are compatible with. It’s hard to have fun with someone you don’t even remotely like, so be sure to watch out for that. Any partnership that is worth anything takes energy to build, and a sugarbaby should understand that when starting out.