Sugar sisters secrets

Susan and Patricia are sugar sisters.

 Sugar sisters secrets

They and their circle of girl pals overcome the life’s difficulties by purposefully dating wealthy men hoping for financial support, and possibly a shortcut to luxurious lifestyle. The whole thing started for Susan five years ago. Real life wasn’t catching up with her dreams. She would look at the upper class houses in her college’s neighbourhood and think about what would it be like to enjoy living in such environment. The tuition fees were expensive and a good solution was nowhere to be found. Then her friend Patricia surprisingly told her about the world of sugar sisters and introduced her to some web portals where she could find potential partners.  Sugar sistersShe met David, a millionaire in his early fifties. His generosity was more than she expected. Soon she found herself holidaying in the Caribbean, received expensive gifts,and college fees were no longer a problem. Although not all sugar daddies she met were as generous as David, she was usually happy with her carefully chosen partners.

Sugar sisters and the real life!

Can sugar sisters have regular relationships? Yes, although it can be tricky. This is where other sugar sisters may help. Trusted network of girls can be all that is necessary to keep the things private. Susan and here friends have been providing each other with the excuses to occasionally escape into the sugar world unnoticed. They would tell their respective partners they are on a girls night out. Sometimes the sugar sisters would visit each other and leave together, only to Sugar sistersmeet their gentlemen from the high society minutes later. She maintained a long-term relationship with Raymond for two and a half years. The relationship eventually ended, however, all the while he never noticed anything unusual. “We told all kinds of stories.” -says Susan- “Once I said I went camping in the nearby mountains for a few days. Me and Patricia actually bought some camping gear and packed it in front of my finance. Then I spent the next few days with a sugar daddy in a luxury coastal resort.”

How sugar sisters handle potential social scrutiny?

Susan keeps this part of her life completely private, and nobody except her closest friends who are also sugar sisters knows about it. “There would be some degree of security, although more and more people are cool with it. I think sugar dating reduces the gap between the rich and the poor.”- Susan, from sugar sisters, concludes philosophically.