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A well known trend in the modern world is the concept of young, attractive girls having a sugar daddy. A sugar daddy is a man, who is often of senior age, or certainly much older than the women he seeks (the sugar babies). As stated, this trend is perhaps well known and is even becoming popular and an alternative to many to the conventional method of dating. The sugar daddies will pay money to the sugar babies in return for their company. So what happens if this is the other way round? If a wealthy woman fancies taking a younger man out on a date for money? These women are whats known as a sugar momma and this concept is something not as well known or talked about.

sugar momma

Sugar momma – What is a Sugar Momma?

A Sugar Momma is the exact same as a sugar daddy, however, the female equivalent. This is a wealthy female who is seeking a fit, hot young man to fulfil her life that little bit more. Whether this is by the medium of going on a date or perhaps a little bit more than a date, it is again a mutually beneficial arrangement between the two parties, for which the young male, will receive cash and the older woman will receive the company of this hot young man.

Sugar momma – Why is a Sugar Momma not as well known as a Sugar Daddy?

There can be two reasons for this. Number one is that statistically, men, on average earn more than woman. Applying this logic, there will therefore simply be a larger number of men who are able to pay for such a service, who will have that amount of disposable income to spend on chasing younger members of the opposite sex.

The second reason is simply that there seems to be less of a trend and this can be tracked historically, that older women search for younger men. Traditionally, there is something that has always said that it is more socially acceptable for an older man to date a younger woman, than it is for an older woman to date a younger man, however, is this emergence of the sugar momma a sign that this may be changing?

What Does a Sugar Momma Want and is it Different to a Sugar Daddy?

On the whole, sugar mommas are looking for the exact same arrangement as sugar daddies, however, there is a clear trend that sugar daddies are more driven and interested in sex, whereas a more platonic relationship is often wanted by sugar mommas.