Sugar baby stories

Safety, power, freedom – words that come to mind, if you think about money and the effect it has on one’s life.

Painting the sugar baby dream

In this case, it is the life of a sugar baby, like Melany, who had to face, that she can’t live on love alone, being a young striving artist. “When I graduated from the University in London, I thought I’d sign a deal with Saatchi Gallery right away. I was spoilt from all this attention I had back at the time when I was studying, cushioned from reality. Somehow I don’t really know why, I was surprised to realize. There were plenty of other talented young artists out there with the same vision in mind.

Sugar baby stories and daydreams

One day, at a vernissage of a friend, when I was sipping on my almost empty free glass of champagne, I was standing in front of one of her paintings. Just staring at it, lost in thought, thinking how I could achieve my goals as well. Funny enough it was a painting of a woman on a pedestal, made of honeycombs. I only realized that minutes later, when some Sugar baby stories noise woke me from daydreaming.

I looked at the title, “sugar baby” in capital letters. I thought about it for a moment and smiled. While I was turning around, to continue my wandering through the gallery, I noticed my friend smiling at me. She obviously saw me standing a bit too long in front of her “sugar baby” picture.  Then I said those magical words: ‘You should try it, too.

You can’t live on love alone – a sugar baby stories

Later that evening I solved the riddle, of how she managed to get where I so desperately wanted to be in what seemed a glimpse of an eye. She was a sugar baby, that managed to find a generous man, who believed in her talent and supported her, not only financially, but also with important business contacts, so that she could make her dreams come true. I was fascinated by her sugar baby stories and signed up on My-Sugar-Daddy that very night. And what shall I say?!

When this sugar baby here heads to a vernissage these days, she doesn’t need to sip on her free drink the entire night, because my art, thanks to my sugar daddy, pays my drinks. I have incredibly nice and comforting company, when I go there, because my sugar daddy shares my passion for art. In fact, one of my paintings is hanging in his house, too. He has not only good taste in women, but also in art.”