Sugar Baby Love

Sugar Baby Love
I will never understand why some people are so against the Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby Love. In my opinion it’s a win/win for both parties. Am I only the one who sees the endless opportunities the young lady or Sugar baby gets? If so please let me be the one to enlighten this beautiful dynamic.

1.The Sugar Baby Love LIFESTYLE.

Sugar Baby Love
These young women may be playing second to the Sugar Daddy’s wives but make no mistake, the live first class lives. Do you have access to a private jet? I think not. Do have standing reservations at the best restaurants in town? Didn’t think so either. Do you max out your passport almost every month? Girl please. I can barely afford to have a decent manicure with all the bills I have to pay.
2.TIME. While most of us slave at our 9-5 jobs, they are somewhere in Cabo, sipping expensive drinks at some fancy ass resort with a killer view on a weekday guys. A WEEKDAY. They literally have the time to go on a shopping spree in Paris and still make it back in time for their pilates class. Sugar Baby Love for the win…AGAIN.

3.Sugar Baby Love MONEY.

Do you know what it feels to have limitless credit cards? Are those even real? If they do indeed exist guess who has them? Not you. Sugar Babies get to go spend all of their lover’s money at Chanel on a pair of $800 dollar glasses that they will wear on that one day and forget about or on expensive Victoria’s Secret underwear. Some might say it sounds similar to being a housewife of some successful millionaire except in that case your millionaire is in the office all the time and if you spend all your money at Victoria’s Secret and you guys have been married for like forever, you’re too old to be shopping at Victoria’s Secret to begin with.
. NO BABY! Need I stress how perfect this is for the modern young girls of our society? You get to stay pretty, have a fabulous life, make all your dreams come true without the stress of having a child because you’re basically his child to spoil putting the baby in sugar baby love.
So clearly, Sugar Baby Love is what some of us deserve. Sugar Baby Love for the win! Sugar Baby Love all day! Everyday!