Sugar Baby Allowance

The Sugar Baby Allowance Examined

Two people meet – a mature, handsome, rich man, maybe a millionaire and a sweet, savvy, young woman – a Sugarbabe. They fall in love, or lust perhaps, and the man gives the girl a weekly or monthly allowance, a sugar baby allowance in whatever way they both agree upon, since it’s part of their relationship package.

Daddies will be daddies and babies will be babies through time eternal; there are unique personalities at play. But the sugar baby allowance follows certain lines of logic. Let’s have fun and organize it all!

Sugar Baby Allowance #1

Sugar Baby Allowance
The I need to survive allowance
This allowance is the most basic type sought by sugar babies. Sometimes, a single income simply isn’t enough to sustain a small family or even a single person, and extra help in the form of a sugar baby allowance is a blessing.

Sugar Baby Allowance #2

The I want to travel and be adventurous allowance
Quality adventure isn’t cheap. If that weren’t true enough, finding a reliable traveling partner who has your back at all times is a must. The baby allowance provides the travel funding, while the sugar daddy can make an excellent travelling companion, since you can establish a nice balance between personal freedom with social interactions.

Sugar Baby Allowance #3
The Lifestyle allowance
If you enjoy some of the finer things a lifestyle allowance may be what you’re looking for. A car, nice clothes, handbags, living area. You might not want to go too crazy with the spending though, girl. Sock some of that cash away for a rainy day!

Sugar Baby Allowance #4
The Dream allowance
What’s your dream? I dream about having a sanctuary for different animals. My cousin wants to open a bakery selling her amazing European cakes and pastries. The dream allowance is about your tuition for college, or something like that.

In closing, please be aware that a sugar daddy may or may not know or understand what these concepts are, depending on his level of experience, general wit, and knowledge about the process. He may simply stare at you blankly if you use the term lifestyle allowance. Hopefully, once you are able to pinpoint your foremost needs or desires for the sugar baby allowance, you can make the very best use of your time, and his money.