Relationship with a sugar girl

How hard can it be to date a sugar girl? On paper the idea seems pretty easy, right?

Once you are a millionaire or rich man, found a girl you like and discovered she wants to be spoilt rotten, the rest should in theory be easy. But things are not always as simple as they first seem and a few things need to be considered. You are definitely in for a lot of enjoyment as long as you play the game well!
If you are a new sugar daddy you will benefit from keeping in mind these three simple rules to keep your sugar girl happy.

What is a sugar girl?

A sugar girl is usually pretty clear in what they want but you must remember that they do not always want the same things. Sure, most will want spoiling, but in what way? Working out how they want you to spoil them is the key to keeping a smile on their pretty face. Some will want you to buy them lots of lovely gifts and just be happy with that. Others may want more of your time and attention. A few may desire luxury travel and holidays. Or, of course, there is definitely a sugar girl or two that just want it all from their rich man! Relationship with a sugar girl

A certain type of sugar girl may also be less forward about what they want and might need a little more coaxing from you to find out what will make them happy. But sure enough, once you are on the right path it will be worth the effort!

Be the sugar daddy that your sugar girl wants

As a sugar daddy you may have to fill several roles for your sugar girl and it helps to know what these are. Does your girl want you to be generous but also strict and dominant? Maybe she wants you to be sweet, kind and indulgent? Or perhaps she just wants you to be the soft and cuddly millionaire type with lots of nice surprises for her. Work out what she needs and keep her happy!

Give your sugar girl gifts….and space!

Buying lots of gifts and showering your sugar girl with love and attention is easy. But keep in mind that some girls may need a bit of space too. While they may love you spoiling them, they may need a bit of a break from your constant attention so be sure to give her some breathing room too!