Dates | IMPORTANT dating information

Many people have a bad experience after dating or when it comes to dating. First it is important to know what is dating. Dating is a certain stage of romantic relationships between humans where two people meet on social grounds to assess each other. The main aim of dating is to evaluate if a person can be your companion either in an intimate relationship or marriage. Dating is a form of courtship that involves social activities that are done by the couple.
In summary, dating involves two people exploring if they are sexually or romantically compatible for each other. This is achieved by attending dates. In the modern society, dates can also happen via the phone or computer.


Dates – Things You shouldn’t do on a Date

These are some of the obvious but commonly ignored things you should not do during a date:

Never show up late-this is mostly applicable on the first date. It gives a strong first impression and showing up on time is an advantage. Therefore, prepare early and arrive on time.
Avoid being on your phone-receiving a call or replying a message during a date is okay. The biggest mistake is constantly being on your phone every single minute. It is a complete turn off.
Don’t get too drunk-can you imagine meeting a person and then you have to carry them home because they are too drunk to walk? This is a very obvious fact and it isn’t cool.
Avoid asking too many questions-wanting to know a person more is very fine but there are some boundaries to it. Asking too many questions makes dates look so casual and the main point of the date is to socialize. You can ask questions in a fun way that is not so personal or boring. For example, you can ask what is that one thing I wouldn’t guess about you? The main point of such a question is to know if this person has any secrets.

Dates – Fun things to do during Dates

People tend to make dates about going for coffee or to a restaurant while there are so many activities you can do during a date.
You can choose to go to an outdoor concert or movie which will make the date more entertaining. Instead of sitting and drinking coffee, go for a coffee walk around the neighbourhood or the park. Find a good spot and watch the sunset together because a good setting will make everything else enjoyable.

As you go for a date and observe the do’s and don’ts, the most important thing is just be yourself.